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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

From the Beginning

So as you may know by now Tim and I are expecting a little bambino (ETA April 5, 2010).

This little one came as a HUGE surprise to us.  The past weeks have been a whirlwind of confusion/surprise/being freaked out for the both of us.  In May of 2007 doctors told me that I would never conceive on my own, so of course when I found out that I was pregnant a million things went through my mind.  Mostly, OMG what in the world am I going to do with a baby??!!!  I don't really know if I'm supposed to tell people that this is how I felt, but it is, so I'm telling.

Because of everything that I went through back in 2007, we decided that we would keep everything to ourselves until after the first ultrasound and confirmation that all was ok in the womb.  Of course doctors do not want to see you until you around 8 wks unless you are having some trouble so we sat on wait until September 29.  At this appointment, according to my LMP, they estimated me to be 7wks6days (you can even see that at the bottom of the little ultrasound pic) but after some initial measurements they realized that I was indeed 13wks1day.  So I asked lots of questions like how could this be??? Why did I have a period in August if I was pregnant?? etc, etc, etc.  They assured me that having a period so close to when I conceived is normal and that this had no bearing on the baby, and most importantly did not mean that anything was wrong with me or my little one.  Dr. Umana did decide to keep me as high risk until at least 20 weeks just to be on the safe side, and he gave me this cute little speech about calling him if I felt any unusual pain or had any bleeding.  "If you need to call me at 2:00 a.m., then please just say, this is Ashley Gilbert Ectopic, and I will know who you are and meet you at the hospital."  So until I reach 20 weeks that is me Ashley Gilbert Ectopic!

So I plan to try and keep everyone updated with pics (baby bump pics and ultrasound pics), weird cravings, weight gain, etc.  I have been reading up on pregnancy blogs and I find it really neat that everyone can keep up with whats going on with mom and baby with just a click of the mouse!  Its truly amazing what technology has brought us these days!  Especially when I have people all over the U.S. (from Washington State to Florida) wanting to keep up with here is my solution to keeping you all in the loop:)

So I never weighed myself pre-pregnancy and prior to going to my first doctor's appointment I am really not sure of my weight, but I guesstimate around 105 so I am using that as my starting point.  First doctor's appointment I weighed in at 107.  So Dr. Umana has informed me that I should gain around 30 lbs.  Apparently, even being 13wks1day preggo I was borderline underweight according to my BMI so that means I needed to gain weight anyway.

As for cravings, well I did crave pomegranate smoothies from Dunkin Donut one morning, but those hopes and dreams were crushed when I was informed by my faithful friend, Jennifer, that they discontinued the pomegranate smoothie??!! I was like WHAT!!!???  I quickly got over it and moved on to tacos from Taco Bell.  Actually I am really not sure if that is actually a craving or just something that appeals to me.  I have an aversion to meat.  Yep, me the double cheeseburger queen has an aversion to meat!!!  Taco Bell has been good for me because as you may very well know, they do not utilize their meat very much. So fruits and veggies have been my thing.  Oh and Honey Nut Cheerios have been a life saver in the mornings (not too sweet but just sweet enough, and not too heavy but enough to satisfy hunger, and I can carry a little Ziploc bag around with me at work so if I feel some queasiness coming on I can pop a few).  Oh and Kraft Mac & Cheese.  Yep the original kind in the blue box...this one has killed Tim because he is a Velveeta Shells & Cheese type of guy, but hey I am still able to actually cook him dinner at night so I think he is just thankful for that lol.

Morning sickness is lingering, and I'm starting to think that it may never go away UGH... but it is limited to once while I am getting ready normally so I guess I can live with that.  The worst part is that if I don't eat dinner before 8:00 I cant really eat because for some reason I get a type of weird night sickness too.  I say its weird because it only comes around when I eat past 8:00 p.m.

My next appointment is Tuesday, October 20, because I'm supposed to be at 16 weeks by then and due to my being considered high risk, Dr. Umana wanted me to be seen again before 20 weeks (which is when he would normally schedule the next appointment).  Keep your fingers crossed because we may be able to find out the gender on this visit!!!

Keep you posted on any new events, and I will try to get baby bump pics up every week - every two weeks (no promises though).


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Meghan said...

yay!!! so excited! I was all ready to comment on things but now I can't even remember and William is starting to yeah. congratulations!!

Kerri said...

Congrats again! I am glad you are blogging about this, too. One day it will all be a distant memory and you will have all of these wonderful posts to look back on. :)

Ashley said...

Thanks ladies:) Meg, feel free to comment at any time with any tips that you may have:)
Sissy, it is so nice to have somewhere that I can put everything down and go back to look at it. I figure in a few months when I am getting restless and cranky I can look back at the process and :) Not to mention everyone so far has loved it...well my far away friends and family have anyway!