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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

17 Week Bump

I know I'm a little behind on posting a new "bump" picture...but here it is:)
All of the pregnancy websites say that the little bambino is around the size of an onion this week and my uterus is nearing the size of a cantaloupe. Kinda makes me feel like a produce stand with all of the fruit and veggie references lol...but I understand that they are easy things to reference so I guess I can go with it.
On a more exciting note, I officially felt the first "movment" yesterday!!!! I have been feeling some fluttering around here and there, but yesterday I felt real movement!!! It was so exciting and I find myself just ready for it to happen again and again:)
Tomorrow is my u/s appointment with the maternal-fetal medicine doctor to finish up our genetic testing. Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed that we could possibly find out the sex!
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