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Sunday, October 24, 2010

7 months

I can't even begin to believe that seven months ago today my baby bug was born!  She is just growing and changing second by second it seems.  Everyday she seems to learn something new or do something different! So at seven months Ava:
- sits up with no assistance and play with her toys.
- eats breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Today she tried Chicken Noodle baby food for the first time and LOVED it.  She still enjoys pears, apples, squash and carrots.  She has also added green beans and sweet peas to the list.  
- will eat every puff in the container.  L-O-V-E-S them more than anything else.
-grabs everything in her reach!  Do NOT take her into a store and let her get close to a rack because she will take it all down :)
- pushes herself completely up on her hands while lying on her tummy.  She is finally starting to tolerate being on her tummy thank goodness.
- tries to get her knees up under her body, but every time she gets there she just falls over to the side.
- laughs at just about anything that her daddy does (kid loves her daddy more than anyone).
- is skeptical of people.  I have learned to allow her to sit with me or Tim for a few before I hand her over to someone else.  Otherwise she starts poking her lip out and then the crying begins.
-sometimes hides her face in my chest when she sees new people.
- has TWO teeth.  Both are on the bottom.  No sign of any top teeth yet and we are okay with that:)
- is still a little bit of a runt compared to clothes size b/c she is just now able to wear 3/6 month clothes.
- still does not sleep through the night:(
Put some Braves on the TV and the kid is a-ok
She will pull out every single toy and grunts until you to put it all back so she can start over again.
 Look at that face:)

Friday, October 22, 2010


So sorry to be sharing these videos so late, but they are fun to watch even if they are a little late so enjoy!
Ava has only been able to sit up unassisted for about 2 days here.  9-13-10
Ava's first sink bath.  She L-O-V-E-S it!  9-14-10 
Ava playing her bedroom floor razzing and laughing. 9-30-10
Ava loves playing in the bath.  10-11-10
Hope you enjoy watching her grow as much as we do!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And 6 months later...

our little Ava is no longer a baby, but she is now a little person!  It is absolutely amazing what a sweet little girl can learn in such a very short period of time!
Ava at 5 months old
Of course before I tell you about what she can do at 6 months I have to tell you what she was doing at 5 months.
At 5 months Ava :
- could roll over in all directions.
- still absolutely hated laying on her tummy...I am convinced that she will never crawl.
- ate breakfast every morning.
- enjoyed her favorite fruit is pears and her favorite veggie is squash.
- still enjoys watching TV.  Her favorites are Super Why, Wonder Pets, and Dinosaur Train.
- enjoys reading with mommy, but it is almost impossible at times because she wants to hold the book and control the page turning.  Mommy cannot keep up with Ava's pace on this one;)
- LOVES bath time!  She is definitely going to be a water baby!  Can't wait to see her swimming in a pool next year!
- plays with simple toys.  Her favorites are her plastic keys.
- could grab things and pick them up.
Ava's first UGA game

Ava at 6 months old
At 6 months old Ava :
- can completely push herself up on her hands and pull herself around, but she still hates laying on her tummy so getting her to actually do this generally requires making her whine. In other happens rarely.
- can sit unassisted.  We L-O-V-E this one because we can now sit her down in the floor and she can occupy herself for a short time with her toys.
- plays with most toys.  Her favorite thing to play with is anything that she can get to her mouth :)
- has acquired a tooth!!! It has just broken the gum, but it is there!
- babbles to anything that she thinks is listening to her.
- reaches for the cat.  Poor Miss Kitty just runs for the hills hahahaha
- eats two meals a day (breakfast and dinner).  Still loves pears and squash, but will eat mostly anything except bananas and sweet peas.
- loves playing in her Exersaucer, but does NOT like to be in her walker.
- enjoys that PBS now has The Cat in the Hat on at 7:30 a.m.  It is her favorite book, and she really enjoys the show too.
- still wakes up once at night and at 7:00 a.m. like clock work.
- was told at her six month Well Check that she is perfect.  Dr. Flowers was very impressed with her in all areas.
- is constantly asked by her daddy if something is wrong with her because she is too happy heehee.  She seriously is one to the happiest babies that I think I have ever met!
- can hold her own bottle.
- will drink from a sippy cup on occasion. 
Isn't she just too cute?!
She will be seven months old in just a few days, and I promise to be timely in posting about what she is up to now!


You still wanna be Judge down there?

Is the question that was asked of my very AWESOME boss on July 12, 2010.  Yes that's right it has taken me this long to write about it (I think I mentioned it briefly in a previous post, but never followed up with it)  so sorry for lack of posting:(
Anyway, on August 18, 2010, Mr. William C. Rumer was sworn in by Governor Sonny Perdue and was officially named JUDGE William C. Rumer.  I cannot express how immensely proud that I was to sit in that room and watch such a wonderful person be bestowed such a tremendous honor!
Taking the Oath
Signing the Oath
Two of most favorite men in the wide world!!!

Many thanks to the Judge for bringing me along for the ride!  I love each and every moment of my new job!  Everyday that we enter the courtroom it is affirmed to me that the Governor made the BEST choice!  Judge Rumer was absolutely born to do this job, and I thank GOD I was born to be his assistant;)