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Sunday, October 24, 2010

7 months

I can't even begin to believe that seven months ago today my baby bug was born!  She is just growing and changing second by second it seems.  Everyday she seems to learn something new or do something different! So at seven months Ava:
- sits up with no assistance and play with her toys.
- eats breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Today she tried Chicken Noodle baby food for the first time and LOVED it.  She still enjoys pears, apples, squash and carrots.  She has also added green beans and sweet peas to the list.  
- will eat every puff in the container.  L-O-V-E-S them more than anything else.
-grabs everything in her reach!  Do NOT take her into a store and let her get close to a rack because she will take it all down :)
- pushes herself completely up on her hands while lying on her tummy.  She is finally starting to tolerate being on her tummy thank goodness.
- tries to get her knees up under her body, but every time she gets there she just falls over to the side.
- laughs at just about anything that her daddy does (kid loves her daddy more than anyone).
- is skeptical of people.  I have learned to allow her to sit with me or Tim for a few before I hand her over to someone else.  Otherwise she starts poking her lip out and then the crying begins.
-sometimes hides her face in my chest when she sees new people.
- has TWO teeth.  Both are on the bottom.  No sign of any top teeth yet and we are okay with that:)
- is still a little bit of a runt compared to clothes size b/c she is just now able to wear 3/6 month clothes.
- still does not sleep through the night:(
Put some Braves on the TV and the kid is a-ok
She will pull out every single toy and grunts until you to put it all back so she can start over again.
 Look at that face:)

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