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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birthday Party in Pictures

The hat that Ava would NOT wear ;)  She is not a fan of anything being on her head!   
Since we had an ice cream cake, Ava got her very own cupcake to dig into.   Of course she enjoyed ice cream cake too!
She was not very sure about it at first, but after a little coaxing from Mommy and Daddy she began to dig in.
No more pictures please!

Then it was time to dig into all of the presents she got!  This kid is seriously spoiled loved.  She always seems to walk away from all special occasions with crazy amounts of stuff! 
Playing with Ethan and her new toys.
Once everyone was gone she played fashion show with Grandma Gloria.  The bikini was everyone's favorite (well that is everyone except Daddy). 
Showing off her new bikini from Aunt G, Uncle T and Peytone, and one of her favorite toys from Papaw and Mimi. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

12 Months

Where did twelve months go so fast?!  Before I go into bragging on our little Bug I must brag on her mommy and daddy.  I have told many people lately that while the tiny little newborn we brought home was sweet, tiny and amazing, she was also exhausting, time consuming and mind boggling.  I enjoy this stage of her life much more than that newborn stage.  Every day is a new adventure!  I am so proud of what our little Miss Ava is learning and growing into, but I MUST say that she is the VERY happy little girl that she is because her mommy and daddy have been patient, loving and and diligent in their taking care of her.

With that said, at 12 months Miss Ava can:
-take steps on her own!  She is not full fledge walking yet, but she is definitely taking steps!!!
-talking all of the time, but we can't understand a word she is saying because it is in complete gibberish ;)
-happily play by herself.  She also enjoys watching older kids play.  
-will place things in your hand if you hold your hand out and ask for them.  Take that 10 month exam questionnaire!  Who needs to work on social interaction skills now?!
-watch Mickey Mouse Playhouse all day long!  She L-O-V-E-S when they do the "hot dog dance" at the end, and often stands up and moves her body around attempting to join in on the fun.
-sleep in a bigger room.  That's right Tim and I worked hard for an entire week to get Ava moved into a bigger room.  We did just in time too, because the closet in that room has a little more space and she got a whole new wardrobe at her birthday party (I will blog about that shortly).
-sit in your lap and watch TV.  She will toddle up to you, put her arms in the air and smile the biggest smile silently saying, "put me in your lap"!  She and I do this most afternoons when I get home from work and Tim is fishing.  Its really quite nice to enjoy those few silent moments with her laid back on my chest.  I know I won't get her to do this forever, so I let her do it as long as she wants.

I got her a cute little outfit to wear to daycare on her special day.  The daycare workers met us at the door to sing happy birthday to her!  She is a clear favorite up there ;)

It is beyond amazing to me how fast a little one can grow!  God can perform truly amazing acts!

Emergency Flower Girl

My oldest best friend, Brittney's, sister, Hayden, got married!  Hayden called me early the morning of her wedding day half way panicked because her flower girl had been in the ER the night before, and couldn't play the role of flower girl that day.  So off I go to Dillard's in search of the cutest fill-in flower girl dress.  AND wa-la...
...we have the cutest emergency flower girl ever! 

11 Months

Miss Ava is growing like a little weed!  Where has 11 months gone too??  People tell you that time flies, but until you have a little one I don't think that you can really understand what that really means.

At 11 months Miss Ava can:
-crawl with lightening fast speed.
-walk as long as she is holding on to something.  She wants to let go and try to walk on her own, but she is just not confident enough yet.
-stand without holding on to anything.
-squat down and stand back up without falling down.
-sleep through the night, but she will not do it every night.  Hey, mom and dad will take a few all nights over no all nights.
-eat anything that Mommy and Daddy eats.  Her favorites right now are chicken nuggets, french fries, spaghetti, chocolate animal crackers and fruit loops.
-drink whole milk, but will only drink it with strawberry or chocolate Nesquik in it.
-drink only from a sippy cup!  Bye-Bye bottle! 
 It is almost impossible to get her to sit still for a picture now.
Such a happy girl!

Kitchen cabinets and pancake dinners

Miss Ava L-O-V-E-S to play in our kitchen cabinets.  She spends many nights pulling all of the mixing bowls out into the floor while I cook dinner.  I hope that one day this love for playing in kitchen cabinets turns into loving to cook yummy food!
 Miss Ava also L-O-V-E-S to eat pancakes!  She also enjoys being able to sit at the table like a big girl and eat dinner with Mommy.  I can't let her do it every night, but when we eat something that is not messy, i.e. pancakes, then she can pretend to be a big girl :)