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Sunday, April 3, 2011

11 Months

Miss Ava is growing like a little weed!  Where has 11 months gone too??  People tell you that time flies, but until you have a little one I don't think that you can really understand what that really means.

At 11 months Miss Ava can:
-crawl with lightening fast speed.
-walk as long as she is holding on to something.  She wants to let go and try to walk on her own, but she is just not confident enough yet.
-stand without holding on to anything.
-squat down and stand back up without falling down.
-sleep through the night, but she will not do it every night.  Hey, mom and dad will take a few all nights over no all nights.
-eat anything that Mommy and Daddy eats.  Her favorites right now are chicken nuggets, french fries, spaghetti, chocolate animal crackers and fruit loops.
-drink whole milk, but will only drink it with strawberry or chocolate Nesquik in it.
-drink only from a sippy cup!  Bye-Bye bottle! 
 It is almost impossible to get her to sit still for a picture now.
Such a happy girl!

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