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Monday, October 19, 2009

Can I tickle the baby?

This weekend was a real whirlwind for me and the little bambino.  I left Saturday around lunchtime to go to the big T-Town for some family time.  First stop was to see Cam and little Jacks (so sad Jenny wasn't there, but completely understand her need for "me" time).  This was my first time visiting with Jack Jack, and let me just say that he has got to be one of the cutest babies EVER!!!  He actually let me hold him and play with him for a little while before he decided that he wanted to go back to Da-da.  It was so sweet getting to see my little Cam with his very own baby!  I know, I know, he is not my Cam anymore and he definitely isn't little, but to me he will always be the baby brother that my mom and dad never gave me.  So we caught up on family gossip and I left him to make my next stop.

Jacks (I know he is just too cute right??!!)
Ok, my next stop was my mom's house where my nephew, Ethan, had been not so patiently waiting on me and "the little baby" to arrive.  As soon as I got out of my car I heard the pitter-patter of little feet running to the back door.  I was greeted with a four year olds face plastered to a glass door yelling "Aunt Ashley is here!!!".  Apparently, he had been waiting on me since he woke up that morning:)  As soon as I opened the door he informed me that he was going to spend the night with me and Uncle Tim.  Then the questions began...  Robyn had already explained to Ethan that a little baby was growing in my tummy and he couldn't wait to lay the questions on me.  The first question was "Aunt Ashley, can I hear the baby?"  He pressed his little head to my tummy and said "yep, I can hear the little baby alright."  The next question was "can I tickle the baby?"  He proceeded to barely rub his finger tips on my tummy real fast.  Then he said, " can the little baby hear me?"  He proceeded to put his lips right on my tummy and move them back and forth, then quickly pressed his ear to my tummy and looked up to me and said, "yep, it can hear me."  Needless to say much of my visit with Ethan this weekend consisted of talking about "the little baby".  He is soooo excited!  Sunday he informed me and Tim that we should name "the little baby" Nemo, because he had a fish named Nemo and it was an awesome fish so if we named "the little baby" Nemo then it would be an awesome little baby. I really enjoyed seeing his perspective on it all!

We also let Ethan carve a HUGE pumpkin that Tim brought back from his trip to Illinois last weekend.  He wasn't really as excited as I thought he would be about it, but I think that was because Tim had already cleaned all of the gooey pumpkin guts out, and he didn't get to make a mess with it.  Shortly after the pumpkin carving I had to take them back home:(  I always hate that part!
Me and Ethan with the HUGE pumpkin

On the ride home Ethan asked me if I was going to give my little baby to them to keep once it grew big enough to come out of my tummy.  I explained that we had to share the baby, and he did not like that concept at all!!!  He immediately said "Mommy we have to have a little baby RIGHT NOW!"  Robyn reminded him that she had just had surgery and she couldn't have a little baby right now, but she would get on that mission ASAP.  He wasn't really pleased with that answer, but he didn't complain.  

Well, that's all for my eventful weekend.  Tomorrow is my 16 week check-up with the doctor.  They are supposed to be doing an ultrasound to check on everything YAY!  Keep your fingers crossed that bambino cooperates and we can find out if its a boy or a girl...I will post pics as soon as possible:)


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Sue said...

Awwwww Jacks is so cute! Gotta get little one a ga outfit soon! LOL Ethan is just precious!