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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas 2010

I know that I am far beyond late on posting anything to this blog, and I am not even going to apologize this time. I am just going to say that I will try to do better :)

You can't stay mad at me when I show you this cuteness ;)

So Christmas 2010 was our first Christmas as a family!  Very exciting!!!
Ava enjoyed the BOWS on the presents and nothing else

That's right Ava really did not care about anything except the bows!  By Christmas morning she had removed the bows from every single gift under the tree!!
I just realized how much she looks like her daddy in this picture!

Tim and I made the decision to not plan to do anything for Christmas day until after lunch time so that we could spend the morning as a family in a "no-rush" environment.  I must say that I LOVE that we made that decision, and every single Christmas from now until forever will be exactly the same!  

Ava didn't really take to opening gifts this year mainly because every time she pulled the paper she put it in her mouth and I pulled it out of her mouth.  This process frustrated her a lot so she just decided to stop trying and stick to her beloved bows.

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Kerri said...

So cute!! The whole proverbial thing about them playing with the boxes and bows is so true - until about age 3-4. :)