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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 Months

Miss Ava is still growing and learning by leaps and is exhausting just trying to keep up with all of the new things that she does on a daily basis!

At 10 months Ava can:
-  walk while holding on to things (tables, couches, baby strollers, people).
- help take everything out of any cabinet.
-  eat regular food.  She absolutely positively refuses to eat baby food!
-  clap her hands when she is excited about something.
-  stand without holding on to anything.
-  hand something to you if you ask for it (even though she thinks you are supposed to give it right back).
-  still babble saying da-da, ga-ga, na-na, but still no ma-ma.
- interact with TV by laughing, smiling, and dancing when she enjoys what is on it.
-  kick off any socks or shoes placed on her feet with lightening fast speed.
-  feed herself a bottle and any food you put in reach of her hands.

Our little girl is growing too fast!

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