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Monday, June 7, 2010

Dinners, Cousins and Poolside FUN

What a weekend?!  
It started with dinner Friday night with the wonderful Rumer family.  I always love my time with Meghan and William, and I was so glad that Tim and Sam finally got to join in on our fun time:)  In retrospect I cannot believe that neither me nor Meghan thought about taking pictures...I MUST remember the next time William and Ava are together that they have to have a picture together!  William was too cute crawling all over the place (it was my first time getting to see him crawl), and then we got to witness him enjoying his berry cobbler (making a complete mess). Oh what we have to look forward to lol.  And of course the food and visiting with Sam and Meghan was SUPER too;)  Since we didn't take any pictures here is a picture of the Rumers (stole it from Meghan's Facebook).  Aren't they a gorgeous fam?!
New Baby Recognition at St. Paul this past Sunday
Saturday Ava and I packed up and headed to T-Town.  She was such a good baby and slept the whole way there.  Of course everyone was SOOOO excited to see her, especially Ethan.
He loves his "Aba".  
No one but Robyn has seen Ava since Ethan's birthday party at the beginning of May so they were all  amazed at how much she has grown and changed.  We just sat around the house and walked through Momma and Papa's garden.  It was a very relaxing day (other than the driving there and back home).
Sunday we went poolside at Sissy's house.  Ava had eaten right before we got there, and she slept in her travel swing (under an umbrella of course) for the first two hours.  Poor Brodie had been waiting for two whole weeks to see his "best baby", and it just killed him to see her laying in that swing and he couldn't touch her.  He kept taking his little chair and sitting beside her so that he would know the second that she woke up.  Of course she woke up hungry so he insisted on helping feed her...
Such a good little Mann
Blayd even joined in on the Ava festivities yesterday.  He normally just runs by saying "Baby", but yesterday he took a few seconds to stop and "pet" her as Brodie likes to say (because all babies like to be "pet" lol).  We L-O-V-E our time at Casa de Mann and our Nason-Paul-Dixon-Gaines-Mann family!  
After our fun day at the pool we went home for some much needed rest...
She fell asleep while sitting up bless her little heart



Jennifer said...

Always a good time poolside at Casa de Mann!!

Meghan said...

So glad y'all were able to come for dinner - Ava is just perfect!