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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

prego quiz

* How far along?: 20 weeks
* Total weight gain: 
10 pounds
* How big is baby?:
 depends on where you look...the length of a banana or one nice-sized boob lol
* Sex: Girl!
* Maternity clothes?:  I love the bella band!  It is awesome!!! I havent had to buy one piece of maternity clothing!!! Not yet anyway:)
* Stretch marks?: 
not yet
* Sleep?:
 Only complaint is that I can't get enough...
* Best moment this week? 
being removed from high risk status!!!!!!!!!
* Movement?: 
Yep!  Especially in the morning after I've had my cup of hot chocolate:)
* Food cravings?: 
This week I have wanted a Roast Beef and Cheese sandwich from Arby's...had one Saturday night and one Monday for lunch and I'm trying to keep myself away til next week lol
* Labor signs?: 
* Belly button in or out?: 
In but I can tell that it won't stay that way
* What I miss: 
Not much...maybe lying on my back??
* What I'm looking forward to:
 Seeing my sisters for New Moon Friday!!!
* Words of Wisdom: 
Not sure that I have received any this week...

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