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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

And a Room Idea Was Born...

The pictures above are my inspiration (inspiration being the key word) for little Ava's room.  I found them on a random website while doing research on nursery ideas.  I began my search through hundreds of pictures and when I came upon these it was like the heavens opened lol...  I love the neutral wall color and the black furniture with the white and soft pink accents!!! The only thing that I will definitely be leaving out is the crazy diamond chandelier ...its just TOO much for a nursery in my opinion.  I'm also looking for a pink toile to do the bedding in (haven't decided if I am going to make it myself or buy it...hmmmm).
So once an inspiration was found it was time to start working on bringing it to fruition!  Tim and Marc left Monday morning for what Tim referred to as "the big trip" to Illinois/Missouri for two whole weeks...this leaves me with lots of spare time on my hands and gave me the opportunity to turn what once was the "hunting room" into a little girls' poor Timmy:)  He did officially give me his permission to clear the room on Sunday afternoon so I don't feel soooo bad about removing all of his man stuff and pretty much saying "this has to go."
Jennifer (my amazingly wonderful "buttercup") came over last night, and in only one hour we had sorted and removed ALL of the hunting stuff/fishing stuff/collector cards/sentimental stuff from the new nursery!!!! I was SO proud of us.  So tonight begins the real work... we will wipe the furniture down with a deglosser and begin the painting YAY!  I will keep you guys informed as the nursery transforms...
Until next time...

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