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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A nursery takes shapes

So last time we talked about the nursery Jennifer and I had just spent the night before removing the man stuff and were about to begin the wonderful journey of painting...duh duh duh.
I really wish that Tim had not taken our camera because no one will ever really understand the transformation that this room will have made once it is all finished!  So Tuesday night we cleared out all of the man stuff, Wednesday night we deglossed furniture, Thursday night we painted the first coat of paint on the furniture, Friday night was a night of rest so that Jenn could attend the wonderful Spongebob Squarepants party for her precious nephew Blayd, Saturday was spent painting furniture, Sunday was spent moving furniture around and painting the walls, Monday was a much needed night off, Tuesday night was spent doing a second coat on half of the room's walls, and Wednesday (which was Veterans day so our office was closed) was spent finishing the second coat on the walls and putting all of the furniture back into some kind of order.  
WOW that was a lot of work!!! Of course it was all worth it...Jenn helped me on every single day that I just listed so many many thanks to my homegirl for that!!! Sue came over on Saturday and helped me price cribs, removed some border and painted some furniture.  Jenn's friend, Chyna, came over on Saturday to help with some painting and again on Wednesday to help move the furniture back to a semi normal state.  And of course I can't leave out our very own little Peytone-rouge and her friend Heather who came over on their day out of school and helped finish up with that second coat of paint on the walls.  Thanks to all of you guys who helped... you are life-savers!!!!
Some previews of the nursery....Drum roll please.....
This picture encompasses pretty much all of the colors that I will use in the nursery...

New wall paint...newly painted black furniture, brushed nickel hardware, and white and light pink accents.  Jenn and I spray painted some AWFUL 1970s lamps that Tim had and I made stencils for the initials and TADA!

I found this cute white baskets with pink and white swirl fabric at looks so good with the black dresser!
There is still work to do, but it is all coming together...will post more as it progresses!
Until next time...

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