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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Halfway there!!!!!

Yesterday marked the official halfway point for Ms. Ava's e.t.a. YAY!  So what's up with her this week according to the web gurus???
According to she is the size of one nice-sized boob lol... I'm assuming that the nice sized boob that they are referring to is one of the ones in the picture that they provided...

20-weeks-baby-size-big-boobsPregnancy Week 20: 
Mmmm… Memories.  This
week your baby is now the
size of one nice-sized boob.

According to she should look something like this...

and she should be the length of a banana from her head to her heels.
And for those of you who are wandering here is what she is making my tummy look like...

and without a shirt....

I had my twenty week appointment with Dr. Umana today, and it went really well.  Dr. Umana officially changed me from a high risk pregnancy to a normal pregnancy YAY times two!!! My weight gain is right on track...I have gained 9 pounds since my last appointment so I am up to 116 now.  He says that I should gain another 20 or so pounds, and he would really like to see me get to between 130 and 135 at the least.  The fundus measured exactly on target.  Most importantly to me the heart beat sounded perfect!  We didn't do an ultrasound today because I had one just two weeks ago, and I go to see Dr. Stauffer next week where he will do another thorough ultrasound, so there was no reason for one today.  Oh and he had reviewed all of the blood work and measurements that Dr. Stauffer's office did a few weeks ago and he was just as pleased with the results as Dr. Stauffer was.  So all in all today was a very good day for me and Ms. Ava.

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