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Friday, May 28, 2010

According to the Dr...

Ava is right on track!  We went Tuesday for Ava's two month check-up.  Dr. Flowers didn't even get to examine her before he was being called away to the hospital, so we went on with getting the dreaded shots and rescheduled for Thursday so that the Dr. could look her over.  She was a champ getting the shots!  She literally cried for 5 secs!  Of course this was possible thanks to the superhuman speed that the girl gave the shots to her...I mean I have never seen someone give shots so fast!  She now weighs 10lbs14oz (6lbs10oz at birth) and is 24 inches long (19.5 at birth), so she is growing like a little weed.  Dr. Flowers said that she is right on track with her milestones...she is even hitting some earlier than expected (yes Nana Patty she is advanced even in Dr. Flowers' eyes *giggles*).  Next appointment is in August at her 4 month check up unless of course she becomes sick which is definitely possible now that she is in daycare:(  Yes I am still stuck on the fact that she has to go to daycare, and yes I know it will get better blah blah blah...I'll get over it soon I promise:)
Isn't she sweet?!


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