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Thursday, May 27, 2010

2 month update

Our little Ava was officially two months old on Monday, and look how big she has gotten.  I can't believe that time is flying by so fast.   I know that everybody says take it all in because it goes by so fast, but until Ava entered my life I don't think I really understood exactly what they meant.  
Monday also marked the first day that she was placed in the big world of daycare.  She has done well in daycare.  The girls just love her and tell us that she is just the sweetest little baby.  She really is a great baby.  We have been so fortunate because she is only fussy when she is hungry or when she needs to be changed.  All that could change at any time, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will stay the same:)  
Things that Ava can do at two months:
-  She is doing really good with holding her head up on her own, and as you can tell she can pretty much sit by herself when she is propped up against something i.e. a chair.  
-  She is starting to try to talk.  
-  She finally started to notice her mobile (if it is moving) and toys (if they are placed right in front of her). 
-  She will push her legs when she is laid on her tummy.  She is really good at scooting herself if you let her get frustrated enough lol.
-  She wiggles all over and can pretty much roll from her side to her back and from her back to her side.  
-  She has started to put her hands on her bottle when I feed her.  She isn't holding it by any means, but she definitely puts her hand there for some reason;)
-  She will smile when you talk to her in a "baby talk" voice.
-  She loves Popsicles (yes I know that this is not a milestone, and some people might even say that giving it to her is bad, but her daddy insists upon doing it and she really does love em.)
-  She has also gotten into a bed time routine.  Around 7:30 she gets a bath, then drinks a bottle, and by 9:00 she is tucked away in bed.  This happens just about every night, of course there is the occasional time when it doesn't happen quite so smoothly lol, but for the most part this is the routine.
I can't believe that 2 months has come and gone so quickly!  Can't wait to see what month three brings our way:)


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