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Monday, December 7, 2009

23 Weeks...Prego Quiz

* How far along?: 23 weeks
* Total weight gain: 
10 pounds (last time I was at the doctor...will definitely go up when I go to the doctor next week)
* How big is baby?:
 according to she weighs about as much as a large mango
* Sex: Girl!
* Maternity clothes?:  I love the bella band!  It is awesome!!! I havent had to buy one piece of maternity clothing!!! Not yet anyway:)
* Stretch marks?: 
not yet
* Sleep?:
 Still can't get enough!  Never have gotten that second trimester burst o' energy...
* Best moment this week? 
Timmy finally feeling her move & it was completely random;) I've been telling him "come here she's moving" and as soon as he puts his hand down she stops...This time he just randomly came and put his hand on my tummy and started talking to her and she moved!!!!!
* Movement?: 
Yep...around 6 am and 11 pm seems to be when she is most active right now.
* Food cravings?: 
Still Roast Beef and Cheese from Arby's and as much fruit as you can give me:)
* Labor signs?: 
* Belly button in or out?: 
In but I can tell that it won't stay that way
* What I miss: 
Clear skin, wearing contacts, and lying on my back
* What I'm looking forward to:
 Next Tuesday's appointment with Dr. Umana...always love getting to hear/see what's going on with my little girl!
* Words of Wisdom: "
Ask people not to spend lots of money buying her clothes. Ask them to spend money helping you buy diapers in all different sizes."

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