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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

32 Weeks (WARNING: this might get lengthy)

I am sorry for how long it has been since I have posted any updates!  I guess nothing very exciting has happened and I just haven't felt like there has been anything to update anyone on lol.  Yesterday marked 32 weeks...time is really flying.... 8 weeks or less until we are holding our baby girl!  
The only thing that is going on is me being tired and completely uncomfortable all of the time.  But I try really hard to not spend my time complaining because I know that that will not make anything any better.  I try to stay as active as I far I am able to do pretty much anything as long as I take it in stride.  
Going to the grocery to do actual grocery shopping has gone out the window.  I pretty much just go in and get what I need for that moment and go back out, because trying to do anymore than that just wears me out completely and the pain in my pelvis gets to be unbearable after a certain amount of walking around.  
Everyone is constantly speculating as to how long I can make it (no one believes that I will be able to make it to April 5th) because they feel like I am just so big already and I won't be able to carry Ava for much longer.  I try to tell people that women do this everyday and have been doing this for forever and ever...God made me to carry my little girl around for 40 weeks.
 Saturday night I got a much appreciated "you don't really look that big" from Sissy (Jennifer's sister whose name is really Kerri but is called Sissy by family and friends and I have also adopted this name for her  because I have another friend named Carrie, and it gets confusing to people when I talk about Carrie and Kerri...long story short it is just easier to keep them straight by calling one Carrie and the other Sissy).  Okay, now that I have that long and probably not needed explanation out of the way, Thank. You. Sissy.  Quite honestly I feel HUGE and all I can think about is the fact that I am only going to get bigger over the coming weeks.
Anyway, I should really cut this thing off because I think I am just rambling at this here is a bump pic taken kinda looks like I am poking my belly out because of the way I am holding my hands but I promise you that I am not...I actually don't think that it is possible to poke my belly out at this is just kinda there lol.
And this is what says she looks like on the inside...
How far along?: 32 weeks

Total weight gain: 29 pounds

How big is baby?: between 3.75 and 4 pounds

Sex: Girl!

Maternity clothes?: of course

Stretch marks?: not yet (keeping my fingers crossed lol)

Sleep?: getting harder and harder

Best moment this week? hearing her heart beat at the doctor's appointment this morning

* Movement?: it is slowing down some because she does really have anywhere to go now, but when she does move it just about makes my whole body move lol

Labor signs?: nope thank goodness

* Food cravings?: coffee flavored drinks and sausage and biscuits...I could live off of those two things lol

Belly button in or out?: neither... it is just flat

What I miss: right now the two biggies would have to be sleep and wearing my contacts

* What I'm looking forward to: seeing my mom and sisters tomorrow, and then my baby shower next Sunday

Words of Wisdom: can't think of anything off the top of my head


Beth said...

Hi, I'm friends with Jennifer and Sissy. I couldn't help but leave a comment because you are so close and I promise, you can do it! I have a 21-month old daughter and she is the light and love of our lives! Hang in there and best of luck!

Ashley said...

Thanks Beth! Sometimes I feel like I am in an Adam Sandler movie telling myself "you can doooo eeeet!" lol... I know that it is so going to be worth it. Just can't wait for her to be here so I can hold her in my arms:)